The Extent of Counterfeiting in the Wine & Spirits Industry

Counterfeit wines is a big problem, and can eventually lead to authorized dealers being put out of business. The more counterfeit wines are sold, the less genuine wines will be sold by the dealers. Within the wine industry, customers are quite quality-conscious, and the wine connoisseurs are able to tell the difference between original and fake, when tasting the wine.  Counterfeit wines, makes the consumers who want to buy genuine wines lose confidence in the purchasing. Consequently, counterfeit wines erode consumers’ interest to acquire the products in general and increase their skepticism upon acquisition.

Luxury brands, such as famous and expensive wine companies, invest a lot in building brand equity by marketing their brand. The activities of counterfeiters violate intellectual property and cause heavy damage to brand image. Companies within the wine industry is trying to sell through legitimate and trustworthy channels, however, customers might not always be able to tell the reliable channels from the unreliable.

​The problem lies in the tools fraudsters are using to create realistic, high-quality fake packaging, which are now available at a very low cost. This leads to the fact that counterfeit alcohol now looks sleek, professional and authentic and is much harder to detect with the naked eye.

As a result, developments in technology have made fake packaging become increasingly convincing and adulterated drinks are often difficult to detect without a sample tasting. This has allowed counterfeiters to move under the radar and flood the market with fake alcohol products

According to the International Center for Alcohol Policies, 30 % of alcohol consumed worldwide is illicit.

The experts from Wine Spectator estimate that 20% of the wine consumed worldwide is counterfeit wine.

How Valify can Help the Wine Industry

By taking advantage of RFID technology, Valify will detect whether a product is fake or original within a second. Valify will make it possible to reduce the damage from counterfeits to your brand considerably, regardless of distribution channel. Valify provides your company with a holistic overview of the counterfeit market in real-time, and hence the possibility to detect and react upon the most urgent problems.

Choose Between two Different Solutions

The two different solutions that Valify offers are both optimal for companies within the wine industry. The big question you and your company have to ask yourselves, is whether you want the control to be performed by internal employees, or you want customers to be able to validate products on their own.

Regardless of your choice you will be able to detect and remove counterfeits from the market.

Customer Solution

  • Brand protection​
  • Easy validation​
  • Customer engagement​
  • 100% credible response​
  • A reliable brand​
  • Increased bottom-line​
  • Network across brands​

Internal Control / Kept Inhouse

  • Brand protection​
  • Parallel import protection/detection​
  • Intelligent control​
  • Anonymity​
  • Worlds fastest inspections​
  • Statistics & analysis​
  • Increased bottom-line​
  • Network across brands​