VALIFY offers different RFID based solutions against counterfeiting and parallel import. For some businesses the optimal solution against counterfeiting and parallel import is internal product control, whilst others want their customers to be able to determine the originality of a product themselves, before purchase.

Regardless of your company's needs - VALIFY has the solution

NFC - Customer validation & engagement

This solutions is for companies that want customers to be able to check the validity of their products. Through NFC technology, customers will be able to check the originality of a product, with just a tap from a smartphone

 ​This solutions provides:

  • Easy validation
  • 100% credible response
  • A reliable brand
  • Customer interaction
  • Statistics & analysis

UHF - Internal control & validation

If you want to be able to control larger amounts of products for its originality and parallel import, this is the solution for your company. UHF technology makes it possible to check a large amount of products easily and fast. With this solution, internal inspectors can check your products in any store, website or marketplace – completely anonymously.

This solutions provides:

  • Brand protection
  • Parallel import protection/detection
  • Intelligent control
  • Anonymity
  • Worlds fastest inspections
  • Statistics & analysis
  • Increased bottom-line
  • Network across brands


Become a part of a worldwide network working against counterfeiting and parallel import. With VALIFY, you are not alone in fighting fraudsters

Stay ahead

Whenever, copies have been detected by other companies you are notified and warned. To keep the privacy, the names of these are anonymized.

In this way, using VALIFY makes you able to stay ahead of counterfeit goods in comparison to companies not using VALIFY. VALIFY provides a competitive advantage for any company in any market.

The future of anti-counterfeiting

Companies have to stand together in protecting their brands and create a strong network, in order to be able to fight the growing worldwide web of counterfeiting.

Within five years the total amount of counterfeited goods is expected to increase from 1.200 B$ in 2017 to 2.300 B$ in 2022. This has become a global problem, that companies cannot neglect. In order to win the battle, companies within an industry must fight together.

The future of anti-counterfeiting is a strong network. This is what VALIFY offers.

Detect parallel imported goods

Many companies are unaware of the losses caused by parallel import. However, parallel imported goods can be seen as an equivalent business risk to counterfeited products. This is amongst others because of lower sales of authorized products, inability to control quality, dilution of IP rights and customer confusion. 

Valify makes it possible to detect parallel imported goods within seconds completely anonymously. It is an effective solution to a problem, that many companies struggle with today.