The Extent of Counterfeiting in the Cosmetic Industry

Lipstick, perfume and mascara as well as other cosmetics are used by consumers on a daily basis. However, consumers have no idea which ingredients counterfeit cosmetics contain. They apply these products on their skin, without knowing whether they contain carcinogens, allergenic substances or other illegal chemicals. The false cosmetics can be dangerous, and consumers are deceived.
Fake makeup is becoming as big of a problem as fake news. From 2011 to 2013 global seizures of counterfeited makeup went up with 25 %. The problem has gotten so big, that it has attracted attention from the Department of Homeland Security in the US.

Not only do these counterfeit cosmetics steal revenue from brands within cosmetics, but potentially then can destroy their brand reputation, and last but not least the consumer health.

The problem is indisputable and companies need to react in order to reduce the losses caused by counterfeits. Otherwise people’s lives are at risk, billions will be lost and brand value will erode.

How Valify can Help Companies in the Cosmetics Industry

By taking advantage of RFID technology, Valify will detect whether cosmetics are fake or original within a second. Valify will make it possible to reduce the damage from counterfeits to your brand considerably, regardless of distribution channel. Valify provides your company with a holistic overview of the counterfeit market in real-time, and hence the possibility to detect and react upon the most urgent problems.

Choose Between two Different Solutions

The two different solutions that Valify offers could both be optimal for companies within the cosmetics industry. The big question you and your company have to ask yourselves, is whether you want the inspection/control to be performed by internal employees, or you want customers to be able to validate products on their own.

Regardless of your choice you will be able to detect and remove counterfeits from the market.

Customer Solution

  • Brand protection​
  • Easy validation​
  • Customer engagement​
  • 100% credible response​
  • A reliable brand​
  • Increased bottom-line​
  • Network across brands​

Internal Control / Kept Inhouse

  • Brand protection​
  • Parallel import protection/detection​
  • Intelligent control​
  • Anonymity​
  • Worlds fastest inspections​
  • Statistics & analysis​
  • Increased bottom-line​
  • Network across brands​